Analytical Alternatives is a private testing lab that provides services
to the mining, coating, and chemical industries. Although we
specialize in HPLC and GC analysis of biocides, we are capable of
quantifying many different chemicals.

  • Over twenty years experience in the mining, chemical, and
    paper industries.
  • An independent business since 2003.
What We Do

  • Act as an independent analytical laboratory for your company.
  • Function as an integral and complimentary analytical laboratory.
  • Consult on chemical application issues such as compatibility,
    interactions, etc.
Ken P McDonald, LLC dba
Analytical Alternatives
Ken P McDonald, LLC dba
Analytical Alternatives * 360 Stephens Road * Tennille, GA  31089
Phone: 478-553-0424 * Fax: 478-553-9942
About Our Business

At Analytical Alternatives, we know that our customers expect
accurate results in a timely manner. We believe that you should
receive these services for a reasonable price. We strive to meet your
expectations for accuracy, timeliness, and price.